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May 08 2014


Have you ever asked yourself how to get a girl in bed or how to get a lover?

I sure have and I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about it. So, here we go. If you want a gf then you need to figure out where the type of chicks you like spend their free time. If you like girls who are very lively and like parties then it's pretty rare to find them from knitting class. Then again, if you like nice, introverted women then don't go to clubs looking for them. It's quite likely that you won't find them there. You will need to figure out your "type" and go to places that have this kind of "scene" at present.

The next thing is to approach these chicks the right way. I can already hear you asking: "right way, what is it, how?". If you take a rock chick and a classical music listening girl then they both react to similar thing. The majority of women like a man who is confident and non-needy. The question might arise: "what is self-confidence?". It is your ability to do the things you want and not be apologetic about it. To take what you want from life, go after the things that might seem risky and not being afraid of failure. Non- neediness is when you want the woman but you don't NEED her. It means that you like the chick and it would be great if she was part of your life but if she doesn't want to then it's ok too. This shows the girl that you have abundance (even though you might not really have it). This would make it real hard for the woman to turn you down. A guy like that is rare and hard to find. Even harder than finding a hot chick.

Ok, you're not needy and confident - awesome. Will this get you the chick? It is sometimes but more often not. Being confident and not needy is good but you need to let her know that you like her. If you fail to do so she will think that you are not attracted to her. There is an easy way to get rid of this problem. By flirting and getting physical. Flirting is friendly teasing and expressing thoughts that can have two different meanings (one of them sexual). Being physical is also an awesome way of making sure that she KNOWS you like her. It can be as simple as holding hands, hugging or holding your hands around her waist. I can assure you that the woman will know that you like her when you are naked in the bed next to her ;)

Let's assume you have a woman attracted to you, how can you make her to be your gf? Well, that's quite simple. You will have to stay the same, confident and non-needy and then just escalate. The best way is to sleep with the chick as fast as you can and then make her your gf. Having sex with you means that she likes you and you can easily take that to the next level. Just do the things you normally do and take her with you - you have a girlfriend.

Seems like it's time to wrap this post up. Suit up and go get your girl, tiger :D Say bye to being alone and say hello to the chicks! Hope you digged the post, remember, sharing is caring :) Also check out posts from WomenMadeSimple.com. They really know what they are talking about, how to get a girl in bed post was a real eye-opener for me for example.

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